Can you tell us about yourself – what has been your relationship to music? What is your current job role/position?

Hi, I’m Stephen, and I’m one of the drum tutors here at RMC Academy. I’ve been listening to music obsessively since I bought my first album at 14 and playing drums since I got my first kit at 16. Music has been a constant companion in my life as I grew up with two parents who listened to music every day.

You’ve recently released “They Decay” with Pretty Creatures, what was the experience like writing and recording the single?

Our writing and recording process as a band is very fluid and natural. We like to try everything we can think of when writing, sort of throw everything at the board and see what sticks, and I’m super happy with the result! We like to keep our recordings as live and human as possible, so we try to avoid using click tracks (metronomes) and other things like that, although I make heavy use of them while practicing.

What is your favourite part about working as a Drum Tutor at RMC Academy?

My favourite part about working at RMC is seeing students faces when they achieve something they’ve been working towards for a while. Our recent showcase is a good example of seeing all that work pay off.

What are ‘must learn’ songs for any drummer?

I’m not sure there are any ‘must learn’ songs, it depends on what you like. But there are definitely some ‘must listen’ drummers, John Bonham from Led Zeppelin for example, or Steve Gadd’s work with Paul Simon.

…If you twisted my arm, I would say, Come Together by The Beatles.

What’s next in store for you?

I’ve just finished studying, still waiting on my results so fingers crossed, so I just want to take on more opportunities, work more and expand my own personal portfolio and teaching opportunities. Just keep doing what I’ve been doing, but more of it. I’ve also got quite a few other projects on the go that I’m quite excited about but most of them are too new so I can’t say too much about them right now.

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