Songwriting & Composition

Our Songwriting & Composition short course is designed to introduce students to the building blocks that make a song, providing you with the skills and knowledge to combine lyrics and melody to create your own original work.


What you will learn

Describe the basic components of a song.

(a) Identify and describe the basic components that constitute a song.

(b) Describe how these components can be combined to create different styles and moods.

Create an original song.

(a) Create an original melody.

(b) Create original lyrics to fit with the melody.

(c) Create chord progression to fit with melody.

(c) Develop the original song.


Evidence is required to demonstrate that all Outcomes and Performance Criteria have been achieved.

For Outcome 1 candidates are required to produce written and/or oral evidence to demonstrate that they can identify and describe the following basic components of songs and how they are used:

♦ melody

♦ harmony

♦ rhythm

♦ structure

♦ lyrics

Candidates must also describe how these components have been/can be combined to create:

♦ two different styles

♦ two different genres

♦ two different moods

Candidates must select a genre and analyse how these components have been used by a minimum of two artists to create two different styles and two different moods.

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