Learner Spotlight - Jack (Guitar Lessons)

Meet Jack! Jack, has been attending the Academy for almost a year, taking one to one lessons with Sam Macleod and also participating in our weekly band experience. He’s doing amazing!

Why did you choose to learn Guitar?

(Jack) I’ve always enjoyed trying to play my dads acoustic guitar and my grandads electric guitar. When I got my first guitar last Xmas I wanted to learn how to play Arctic Monkeys songs.

How do you find the experience of learning at the RMC Academy?

(Dad) Jack’s guitar lessons have really helped him grow in confidence, not only with his guitar skills but also with his transition into high school. With the help of his tutor he has achieved a real sense of accomplishment over the last few months.

What do you like most about the lessons so far? 

(Jack) The lessons are really fun, I get to pick what songs to learn and Sam makes the lessons easy to follow.

What would you like to achieve from your lessons?

(Dad) To see Jack continue to make progress, build confidence and carry his interest of music into his schooling.

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