Why did you choose to learn to play guitar? 

Because my dad plays, I grew up around guitar and I always wanted to learn.

How did you find the experience of learning at the RMC Academy?  

I enjoy learning here because it’s fun, my tutor Cameron lets me learn whatever I want. It has helped me improve a lot.

What do you want to achieve through your lessons here?  

I want to work on my playing and to one day write my own songs and play in a band.

Tutor Feedback

“Charlie has been coming to lessons with me for almost two years now. From his first lesson to now, it has been a pleasure to watch and be a part of. In our lessons so far, we have looked at songs by bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Nirvana. We learnt pieces from the Rockschool/Trinity grade systems, as well as focusing on music theory, technical proficiency and improvisation. 

Like any young teen, Charlie always has lots of work with school and outside extra activities. Nevertheless, every lesson he leaves everything else at the door and focusses on guitar for our hour. As well as this, Charlie will always find the time to practice what we covered in our lessons throughout the week. These reasons, plus Charlie’s general friendly and positive attitude have been a joy to work with. I’m excited to see how Charlie’s playing develops in the coming years!”

Cameron Gray

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