Why did you choose to learn guitar?

“I wanted to learn to play the guitar as I thought it sounded really cool in songs I’d been hearing on the radio, and I wanted to be able to play like that. My sister was already learning guitar at Riverside and I joined the group class on a Saturday morning with Michael.”

How do you find the experience of learning at the RMC Academy?

“I started the group lessons when I was 9, and it was good to learn all the basic stuff with other people. After the group lessons finished, I started individual lessons with Michael after school. 
So I’ve been learning with RMC for 5 years now and it’s been great. Michael is a brilliant tutor as he’s very patient and knowledgeable. I really enjoy coming to Riverside as everyone is friendly and I’ve learned loads so far “

What do you like most about the lessons so far?

 “What I like most about the lessons is how easy it is to learn because I have a tutor right there to show me the best techniques and I can ask questions. 
Michael lets me choose the songs I want to learn so it’s really enjoyable.”

What would you like to achieve from your lessons?

 “Right now I just like the challenge of learning new music and playing techniques, and maybe one day I’ll start my own band!”

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