Why did you choose to learn Piano?

I thought it looked fun! – Angus

Angus inherited a full sized keyboard from his sister and we thought we’d see how he got on with it. He learned a bit himself from YouTube and asked if he could have some lessons to improve. He practised a lot at home so we thought we’d give it a try -Lindsey (Angus’s Mum)

What do you like most about the lessons so far, and what do you want to achieve?

I like that I learn songs that I know and I help to pick what songs I learn. – Angus 

Angus says he just wants to keep learning, get better and have fun – Lindsay 

How do you find the experience of learning at the RMC Academy?

It’s really fun! – Angus

As a parent, I feel suitably informed of Angus’s progress and his feedback is always positive, he’s enthusiastic to attend lessons. He loves being in an environment with other, more accomplished musicians playing music he recognises. Sam finds music that suits Angus’s tastes and that really encourages him to practice at home – Lyndsey 

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