Congratulations Arohi!

Arohi recently passed her Grade 2 Trinity exam with an amazing 91/100!
Arohi and her tutor Sam worked hard to get a good result by undoing some bad habits Arohi had built up, while maintaining focus on the syllabus and final grade examination. 
Read what Arohi has to say about her experience and why she chose to learn guitar at RMC Academy:

Why did you choose to learn Guitar?

I chose to learn guitar because I loved how I could play several of my favourite songs from learning simple chords and how I could learn more by improving my techniques.

How do you find the experience of learning at the RMC Academy?

I think it’s a good experience because I’ve been going to RMC for many years and my tutor is very helpful and supportive.

What do you like most about the lessons so far? 

I like how I’m learning new parts of the songs every lesson and that I can ask lots of questions during the lesson which would help me while I’m practicing during the week.

You got a great result on your exam, what was the hardest part of learning these songs?

Probably trying to play it in time with the backing track and also playing all 3 songs in one go while recording the video.

What are you looking to do now that you've passed your Trinity Exam?

I want to continue with grades and build my skills in guitar so I can play many more songs.

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