Join a band, hit the studio and write your own songs...

Join a band at the RMC Academy based at the Riverside Music College Campus in Busby. Develop your instrument skills and connect with like minded people who share the same passion and interests. Learn in our purpose built facility with experienced industry professionals who will guide you through fun and structured classes designed to improve your musicianship, introduce you to new experiences and gain confidence within live and studio settings.

Our Band Experience provides 12-18 year olds with the opportunity to meet like-minded musicians, form bands and work towards live performances and studio recordings. You should have some experience (At least grade 3 playing ability) and a real passion for music of any genre.

The Ultimate Band Experience for 12 - 18 year olds

Work towards live performances and recording studio experiences + learn songwriting techniques and industry skills from our experienced team.

Recording Studio Experience

You’ll work towards a live recording studio session in RMC’s Studio 2

Rehearsal Experience

Weekly 2-hour practice session:
Students will be placed into groups and work towards a live performance at established venues.

Songwriting Experience

Incorporated into the rehearsal experience, focusing on melody, harmony, structure & arrangement, lyrical contents etc.  Taught by RMC Tutors and guest speakers

Music Industry Experience

Learn how to release your music on digital platforms such as SoundCloud, utilise socials and gain an insight into digital aggregators, artwork and campaign concepts etc.

You are one click away from beginning your
musical journey at The RMC Academy!